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What You Get When Joining
Our Dynamic Fit Pro VIP Program:

*Lifetime Access Where You Don’t Have To Renew or Pay Again To The Following:

  1. Weekly Group Style Accountability Calls Every Week For 2 Hours 
  2. Mastering your Why and Purpose behind your  business and perfecting your messaging to your audience with our 8 Step Frame-Work Process
  3. Creating  Systems, Structures, and Process to create recurring revenue in your business with our 10 step online fitness business system. Building your hybrid training model of in person and online coaching
  4. Creating  your Value Ladders, Prices, and packages for your In-Person and Online Coaching Offers
  5. Detailed Social  Media Strategies and How to Generate More Leads on Instagram With a Detailed Social Media Calendar
  6. Done for your templates (nutrition, training, cardio, etc)
  7. Custom Productivity  and Time Management Schedule to Create The Perfect Day
  8. Create a 14 Day Challenge To Get New Coaching leads Immediately Along With Money Making Opportunities and Practices
  9. How To Create an Irresistible Offer and Proposal Sheet To Close Clients
  10. Guidance, Support, Entire Online Coaching Business Built, Making More Money, Playing Bigger In Life, Creating a Successful Business, Community of Like Minded Fit Pros, and Impacting More Lives
  11. One Year Access To our Dynamic Fit Pros VIP Program 
  12. One Year Access To our Dynamic Fit Pros Level 1 Program 
  13. Save  Your Butt! Client Templates Package. These are all the exercise/nutrition  templates we have created 
  14. Industry Insider Secrets plus all of our Agreement and Liability Forms 
  15. The  Perfect Offer Template and Sales Script 
  16. Weekly  Accountability Group Coaching Calls 
  17. One Year Access  to Private Dynamic Fit Pro Community Group (weekly Q & A,  motivation, networking, tips, etc)

Biggest outcome and payoffs are:

      1. Get your first 5-10 online clients and make an additional $2-5k through the 14 day challenge framework
      2. Build a money making website so you can get more leads and close high ticket coaching clients
      3. Be on your way to building your six figure and beyond In-person and Online Fitness Business
      4. Make your money back from investing in our DFP VIP program
      5. Creating more income, impact, influence, and independence
      6. Become a leader and influencer
      7. Break past self-limiting and false beliefs
      8. Gain a crystal clear vision in your business and lifestyle
      9. Learn true online coaching and programming
      10. Learn how to identify and dominate your niche, create a specialty, and position yourself as the expert


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